The Maker Store


The Maker Store is a platform dedicated to the Amsterdam maker scene. It displays a variety of local brands and functions as a meeting place for makers and creatives. On the first floor of the store, you can find The Maker Space -a co-working area- and The Maker Café. Each month The Maker Market takes place, hosting a bigger selection of creative makers.

In the build-up to this multipurpose platform, I was part of the creative team that has been working on the overall branding. We developed a modular visual identity that visualizes the multi disciplinal character of the platform and reflects the dynamic process of creating. The logo combined with a fixed set of colours functions as a common thread in the brand's identity. The Maker Store, The Maker Space, The Maker Café and The Maker Market are all identified by their own set of shapes.

The brands that are represented in the store all have their own story to tell, so we scattered around block notes on the shop floor with ‘maker stories’ for everyone to grab.

 To promote the opening of the store we spread a big bunch of carpenter pencils with phrases that refer to the awesomeness of creating.

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