Holy Huba

Fundraising initiative

The Join for Joy Foundation aims to let underprivileged children in Africa experience the empowering, joyful impact of sports and play. I signed up as a volunteer for their summer camps in Kenya. To help raise funds for the foundation I initiated Holy Huba.

‘Huba’ means ‘friendship’ in Swahili, and this is what I wanted the children in Kenya to remember after spending a few days of good fun with us Join for Joy volunteers. This is how it worked: by contributing €10 you got two Holy Huba bracelets. One for you to keep, another for a child participating in the Summer Camps. For each sold pack I donated €9 to the Join for Joy Foundation. The Holy Huba bracelets were sold in Amsterdam at Hutspot, ANNA+NINA, Things I Like Things I Love and COTTONCAKE.

I was in charge of the project, from concept to design to the production of more than a thousand bracelets. But I couldn't have done it alone. I'll be forever grateful for all the people who contributed to this project with so much Holy Huba in mind. Together we made it work!

Cheer yourself up and check out more pictures of Holy Huba at the summer camps here
Website: Join for Joy

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