Happy Hooky


Happy Hooky is an innovative little hook that enables you to hang an object on drywall, without having to use heavy tools. It’s a simple, easy process anyone can do, perfect for people who are all thumbs. 

The inventor of Happy Hooky asked me to develop a name, a brand concept and identity. My mission was to create something different out of an ordinary hardware product.
The name Happy Hooky conveys the value and uniqueness of the product. It is unpretentious and sets the tone; easy and fun. I translated these core values into an atypical design and tone of voice that gives Happy Hooky a totally different identity than most hardware brands on the market. Something that appeals to the happy amateurs among us who have nothing to do with dusty and boring ironware.

The product was launched during a local introduction campaign in The Hague. Our mission was to create a buzz from the inside of the hardware store business. A dozen small but renowned stores were very keen on becoming true Happy Hooky ambassadors.

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