Hello you, my name is Nadèche de Paula Lopes and I'm a freelance brand creative based in Amsterdam.

Since I started minding other people's branding business, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of lifestyle brands. There's always a story to tell and that’s where I come in. I develop brand experience and overall identity, from strategy to concept to visualization. Both in digital and print.

I'm a pretty all-round creator of things. My tools vary from pencil, brush and scissors to camera and tablet. Mixing analogue with digital is my way to add some ✨ to this world.

Reality bores me, I marvel at anything that doesn't meet the ordinary. I'm madly in love with 
Yayoi Kusama and I have a slight office supply addiction. 

For new project enquiries,
big or small, ring me up or pop me an email.

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kapowski hotline
+31 6 3400 3440