Hello you, my name is Nadèche de Paula Lopes and I'm a freelance brand creative based in Amsterdam.

Since I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam I have worked with a variety of lifestyle brands. There's always a story to tell and that’s where I come in. I develop brand experience and overall identity, from strategy to concept to visualization. Both in digital and print.

I'm a pretty all-round creator of things. My tools vary from pencil, brush and scissors to camera and tablet. Mixing analogue with digital is my way to add some pizzazz to this world.

Reality bores me, I marvel at anything that doesn't meet the ordinary. I'm madly in love 
with Yayoi Kusama and I have a slight office supply addiction. 

For new project enquiries,
big or small, ring me up or pop me an email.

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kapowski hotline
+31 6 3400 3440